Cifra BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – Celine Dion



INTR:    F   Bb/F      F   Bb/F 


F                     Bb/F   F                      Bb/F

Tale as old as time,        true as it can be 

F                  Am                                      Bb/9

Barely even friends, then some – bod – y bends 

                      C7/4  Csus  C



  D              G/D       D                             Am7/D 

Just a little change …  smalll, to say the least; 

 D7                 G9     D/F#                  Em7 

Both a little  scared, neither one pre-pared 

A7/4        A7    D 

 Beauty   and   the   beast.   


                     F#m7 G9               F#m7   G9 

Ever just the same       ever a surprise 

               F#m7                     Bm7 

Ever as before,  ever just as sure 

                   C     A7/4  A 

As the sun will   rise 


SOLO:   G/D   A/D  A#º  Bm7  F#m7  G9   A4/7    


                     F#m7  G9               F#m7   G9 

Ever just the same       ever a surprise   

              F#m7                       Bm7 

Ever as before, ever  just as sure 

                          C     Bb  C/G  C/D

As the sun will rise.  Oh  Oh



G                    C/G    G                    C/G   

Tale as old as time,      tune as old   as   song 

G                        Bm           Ebº        B7           Em7 

Bittersweet and strange, finding  you  can  change 

 Am/C                        D4   D

Learning you were wrong 

 E                    A/E    E                     Bm

Certain as the sun,      rising in the East. 

E7                   A                    E/G#      F#m

Tale as old as time, song as  old  as  rhyme 

B7                      E        C#m

Beauty  and the beast 



C#m/B             A                    E/G#    F#m

Tale as old as time, song as  old  as rhyme

B4/7      B7       (E  A/E)       E/C E/B   E/Bb  E/A E/G#  C#7 

Beauty  and the beast

F#m7                B7/4  B7    E

            Beauty  and   the    beast



                                                                                                             Celine Dion

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